USA vs. C
Defendant charged with 33 counts indictment including conspiracy and mail fraud
Hung jury on count one conspiracy
Not guilty on remaining counts
Case pending

People vs. S
Defendant charged with conspiracy to commit torture, kidnapping to commit robbery and robbery (1st degree)
Life case.
Defendant found not guilty of serious charges and found guilty of one count of felony assault.
Defendant was released after 85 days in jail.

People vs. W
Defendant charged with 1 count of rape and 1 count of kidnap for rape.
Life case.
First trial - Hung jury
Second trial - Not Guilty

People vs. B.
Defendant charged with one count of assault with force likely to produce GBI.
Not Guilty.

People vs. P.
Defendant charged with attempted premeditated murder and use of a deadly weapon.
Not Guilty.

People vs. B.
Defendant charged with rape and sexual penetration by a foreign object.
Not Guilty.

People vs. V.
Defendant was previously found guilty of a gang-related second degree murder and discharge of a firearm. A motion for a new trial based upon ineffective assistance of counsel was denied. Defendant was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The Court of Appeals reversed the conviction stating this decision was based, in part, on the fact that the investigator hired by the Defendant’s subsequent attorney interviewed a key witness who testified the Defendant was standing on the sidewalk at the time of the alleged crime.
Conviction Reversed

People vs. S.
Defendant charged with one count of rape.
Not Guilty

People v. R
Fullerton police officer charged with second degree murder of homeless man Kelly Thomas. Jury trail. Not guilty.

People v. H
Superintendent of Beverly Hills unified school district charged with two counts of misappropriation of public funds. Jury found defendant guilty, however, the state court of appeal reverse lower court decisions and dismissed the entire case.

People v. I
Fullerton police officer charged with second degree murder of homeless man Kelly Thomas. Jury trail. Not guilty.

People v. C
Defendant charged with two counts of felony child molestations by two sisters. Jury found defendant not guilty of felony counts and convicted the defendant of Misdemeanor non sexual battery.

People v. K
Defendant charged with First Degree Murder in a 25-year-old cold case, which was featured on Dateline ID.
~New Trial/Appeal pending

People v. F
Ex-Superintendent of the Capistrano Unified School District indicted by a Grand Jury for allegedly compiling a list of student and parent enemies.
~ Dismissed (Dismissal upheld by the California Supreme Court)

In the Matter of S
Company accused of causing a deadly auto accident involving 34 vehicles.
~ Case Pending

In the Matter of M
Insurance company being sued for bad faith due to loss of the Plaintiff's products discovers the items are not damaged.
~ Entire Claim Withdrawn

People vs. John Doe
Officer for Los Angeles Police Department accused of assault with a deadly weapon against Rodney King.
~ Not Guilty

People vs. B
Rapper Snoop Dogg accused of felony possession of a deadly weapon
~ Pled/No Jail Time

People vs. G
Son of former U.S. Vice President charged with multiple felony drug charges
~ Pled/No Jail Time

People vs. W
Cold case. Defendant accused of hanging a tenant in an apartment building 36 years ago. Defendant recently arrested in Nevada and transferred to California
~ Case pending

People vs. S
6-year-old cold case. Defendant arrested for murder.
~ Case dismissed.

USA vs. Dr. K
Federal case where defendant is accused of intent to defraud MediCal and private insurance companies by administering vitamins under false pretense (as HIV medication)
~ Case settled

People vs. P
Cold Case. Former Orange County resident and her ex-husband accused of murdering their 3-year-old daughter 35 years ago and burying the child in an Orange County canyon.
~ Hung Jury

People vs. John Does B & J
Inglewood Police Case
First officer indicted for assault and battery against a 16-year-old minor
~Mistrial/Hung Jury; Retrial/Hung Jury, Case Dismissed
Second officer indicted for filing a false police report
~Not Guilty

People vs. M
Laguna Beach Police Sergeant accused of domestic violence
~Case Rejected by DA following defense investigation

People vs. P
Irvine Police Officer accused of committing felony sex crimes while on duty
~ Not Guilty

People vs. C
Brea Police Officer charged with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon (gun) in relation to an off-duty incident.
~ Plea

People vs. O
Orange County Sheriff’s Department SSO charged with assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing a firearm.
~ Case dismissed

People vs. N
Three defendants accused of gang rape; One defendant is the son of an Assistant Sheriff
~ Hung Jury; Found Guilty at Retrial

USA vs. Sergio S, MD
Defendant, a fertility doctor at UCI Medical Center, accused of tax evasion and fraud
~ Guilty 14 counts, Not Guilty 9 counts. Jury misconduct, Defendant released from custody due to SCPI’s discovery

People vs. John Doe
Defendant, a Deputy Sheriff for Moreno Valley County Sheriff’s Department, accused of 15 counts child molestation
~ Jury Trial, Not Guilty

People vs. I
Los Angeles Police Officer accused of murdering a suspect
~Two trials; Both resulted in a Hung Jury, Case Dismissed

People vs. F
Riverside County Deputy Sheriff and his partner videotaped hitting two Mexican immigrants with batons after the conclusion of a high speed chase.
~No State or Federal charges filed

People vs. John Doe
Defendant, a Deputy District Attorney, accused of burglary and assault with a deadly weapon
~ Case settled, Misdemeanor Battery

People vs. Travis D
Homicide. Defendant accused of killing the victim while engaging in a physical fight
~ Hung Jury

In The Matter of Alexandra B
Custody Dispute. Granddaughter of a Central Justice Center Judge

People vs. Kristy L
Homicide. Defendant and her mother accused of killing her former husband in Riverside, California
~Hung Jury



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