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Case List

P vs. B

  • • NBA player accused of domestic violence with great bodily injury
  • CASE Settled – no jail time

People vs. F

  • • Orange County judge accused of murder

People vs. R

  • • Defendant charged with homicide for strangling his girlfriend

P vs. A

  • Uber driver accused of raping a passenger 

F vs. B

  • • Defendant accused of forcible rape
  • Due to defense counsel’s investigation, case was not filed
 – Restraining order granted against the complaining witness

People vs. T

  • • Defendant, owner of escort service, accused of pimping and pandering

USA vs. C

  • • Defendant charged with 33 counts indictment including conspiracy and mail fraud.
  • • Hung jury on count one conspiracy.
  • • Not guilty on remaining counts.

People vs. S

  • • Defendant charged with conspiracy to commit torture, kidnapping to commit robbery and robbery (1st degree)
  • • Life case.
  • • Defendant found not guilty of serious charges and found guilty of one count of felony assault.
  • Defendant was released after 85 days in jail

People vs. W

  • • Defendant charged with 1 count of rape and 1 count of kidnap for rape.
  • • Life case.
  • First Trial – Hung jury
    Second Trial – Not Guilty

People vs. B.

  • • Defendant charged with one count of assault with force likely to produce GBI.
  • Not Guilty

People vs. P.

  • • Defendant charged with attempted premeditated murder and use of a deadly weapon.
  • Not Guilty

People vs. B.

  • • Defendant charged with rape and sexual penetration by a foreign object.
  • Not Guilty

People vs. Kristy L

  • • Homicide.
  • • Defendant and her mother accused of killing her former husband in Riverside, California
  • Hung Jury

People vs. S.

  • • Defendant charged with one count of rape.
  • Not Guilty

People vs. R.

  • • Fullerton police officer charged with second degree murder of homeless man Kelly Thomas.
  • • Jury trial
  • Not Guilty

People vs. H.

  • • Superintendent of Beverly Hills unified school district charged with two counts of misappropriation of public funds.
  • Jury found defendant guilty, however, the state court of appeal reverse lower court decisions and dismissed the entire case.

People vs. I.

  • • Fullerton police officer charged with second degree murder of homeless man Kelly Thomas.
  • • Jury trial.
  • Not Guilty

People vs. C

  • • Defendant charged with two counts of felony child molestations by two sisters.
  • Jury found defendant not guilty of felony counts and convicted the defendant of Misdemeanor non sexual battery.

People vs. K

  • • Defendant charged with First Degree Murder in a 25-year-old cold case, which was featured on Dateline ID.
  • New Trial/Appeal pending

People vs. F.

  • • Ex-Superintendent of the Capistrano Unified School District indicted by a Grand Jury for allegedly compiling a list of student and parent enemies.
  • Dismissed (Dismissal upheld by the California Supreme Court)

In the Matter of S

  • • Company accused of causing a deadly auto accident involving 34 vehicles.
  • Case Pending

In the Matter of M

  • • Insurance company being sued for bad faith due to loss of the Plaintiff’s products discovers the items are not damaged.
  • Entire Claim Withdrawn

People vs. John Doe

  • • Officer for Los Angeles Police Department accused of assault with a deadly weapon against Rodney King.
  • Not Guilty

People vs. B

  • • Rapper Snoop Dogg accused of felony possession of a deadly weapon.
  • Pled/No Jail Time

People vs. G

  • • Son of former U.S. Vice President charged with multiple felony drug charges
  • Pled/No Jail Time

People vs. W

  • • Cold case.
  • • Defendant accused of hanging a tenant in an apartment building 36 years ago.
  • • Defendant recently arrested in Nevada and transferred to California.
  • Case pending

People vs. S

  • • 6-year-old cold case.
  • • Defendant arrested for murder.
  • Case dismissed

USA vs. Dr. K

  • • Federal case where defendant is accused of intent to defraud MediCal and private insurance companies by administering vitamins under false pretense (as HIV medication)
  • Case settled

People vs. P

  • • Cold case.
  • • Former Orange County resident and her ex-husband accused of murdering their 3-year-old daughter 35 years ago and burying the child in an Orange County canyon.
  • Hung Jury

People vs. John Does B & J

  • • Inglewood Police Case
  • • First officer indicted for assault and battery against a 16-year-old minor
  • • Second officer indicted for filing a false police report
  • First Officer: Mistrial/Hung Jury; Retrial/Hung Jury, Case Dismissed

  • Second Officer: Not Guilty

People vs. M

  • • Laguna Beach Police Sergeant accused of domestic violence
  • Case Rejected by DA following defense investigation

People vs. P

  • • Irvine Police Officer accused of committing felony sex crimes while on duty.
  • Not Guilty

People vs. C

  • • Brea Police Officer charged with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon (gun) in relation to an off-duty incident.
  • Plea

People vs. O

  • • Orange County Sheriff’s Department SSO charged with assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing a firearm.
  • Case dismissed

People vs. N

  • • Three defendants accused of gang rape; One defendant is the son of an Assistant Sheriff
  • Hung Jury; Found Guilty at Retrial

USA vs. Sergio S, MD

  • • Defendant, a fertility doctor at UCI Medical Center, accused of tax evasion and fraud.
  • Guilty 14 counts, Not Guilty 9 counts.
    ~ Jury misconduct, Defendant released from custody due to SCPI’s discovery

People vs. John Doe

  • • Defendant, a Deputy Sheriff for Moreno Valley County Sheriff’s Department, accused of 15 counts child molestation.
  • Jury Trial, Not Guilty

People vs. I

  • • Los Angeles Police Officer accused of murdering a suspect
  • Two trials; Both resulted in a Hung Jury, Case Dismissed

People vs. F

  • • Riverside County Deputy Sheriff and his partner videotaped hitting two Mexican immigrants with batons after the conclusion of a high speed chase.
  • No State or Federal charges filed

People vs. John Doe

  • • Defendant, a Deputy District Attorney, accused of burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.
  • Case settled, Misdemeanor Battery

People vs. Travis D

  • • Homicide.
  • • Defendant accused of killing the victim while engaging in a physical fight.
  • Hung Jury

In The Matter of Alexandra B

  • • Custody Dispute.
  • • Granddaughter of a Central Justice Center Judge
  • Prevailed

People vs. V.

  • • Defendant was previously found guilty of a gang-related second degree murder and discharge of a firearm.
  • • A motion for a new trial based upon ineffective assistance of counsel was denied.
  • Defendant was sentenced to 40 years in prison

  • The Court of Appeals reversed the conviction stating this decision was based, in part, on the fact that the investigator hired by the Defendant’s subsequent attorney interviewed a key witness who testified the Defendant was standing on the sidewalk at the time of the alleged crime.
  • Conviction Reversed