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Insurance Fraud Investigators

Insurance fraud investigations are no easy task to complete, which is why you need professionals on your side. Unfortunately, insurance fraud is far too common and happens in several major areas, heavily impacting the lives of people and companies alike. We are here to ensure that if there has been fraud committed against you, you get the help needed to sort out the problem! We will conduct an insurance coverage analysis in all cases to determine whether fraud has been committed.

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Most investigations require many of the services that we offer, including background checks, data mining, witness interviews, and so much more. Fraud is not a simple thing to prove, and it often takes a lot of research to be able to find the evidence needed to do this. But, that’s what our team of private investigators is trained to do so that nobody falls prey to these claims.

Health Insurance Fraud

Health Insurance FraudOne of the areas that we look into is health insurance fraud. There is a lot of information that must be looked into to be able to prove this, including conducting a physician’s billing search and analysis to see if all records match up. It’s also essential to look at the medical reports/history search and conduct a background check to see what kind of person they are. Typically, if someone has a long history of claims, this sends up a red flag and is something for us to look into.

Some common areas that health insurance fraud is found are billing for services not rendered, misrepresenting dates of service, false or unnecessary prescription of drugs, overutilization of services, and a number more.

Car Insurance Fraud

When it comes to car insurance fraud, one of the very first things that we will do is look into previous claims/accidents to see if there has been a pattern. Sometimes when someone is committing this kind of fraud, they will do it more than once because they think that they won’t get caught. There are many different types of car insurance fraud, and it’s not as straightforward as it first may seem. Some types are more challenging to prove than others, such as an induced accident, but don’t worry because our expert team will be right there, conducting data mining where necessary and going through every single piece of information.

Home Insurance Fraud

One of the most common types of home insurance fraud is when someone lists an item for a value that is way over what it is actually worth. If someone intentionally submits a false claim in order to receive compensation, this is the first type of fraud. It is essential to conduct asset checks on the individual to get an idea of whether or not this is what they are doing. Sometimes, people will fake a theft and then try to claim through their home insurance, and this can end up costing insurers a lot of money. If there are any witnesses to this theft being committed, we will conduct witness interviews to make sure that they are legitimate as thoroughly as we can.

Or, someone could intentionally damage their own belongings in order to claim through their insurance. We look into all of these different types of home insurance fraud to ensure that companies don’t have to pay out when it is not necessary.

Life Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud InvestigationThere are quite a few categories under life insurance fraud. Faked deaths are one of the more common claims where someone will try to claim for someone who is still alive or in some cases, never existed in the first place. Lying on your application, forgery, fake policies, and double indemnity are also types of life insurance fraud that we can look into. Fake death claims require some careful investigation, including investigative surveillance to see if the person is, in fact, still alive and even going deeper to check that they existed.

Most life insurance frauds are linked to forgery in some way because this is the easiest to carry off. Our private investigators are highly trained to catch these forgeries so that insurance companies don’t find themselves at the hands of a fraudster.

Insurance Company Fraud

If someone is trying to fraud an insurance company, certain things can be done to see if this is what’s going on. For example, we can conduct investigative surveillance and then use surveillance to verify the claim if it’s found to be true. It’s not always easy to prove, but our team of dedicated experts will conduct this research to ensure that they are not getting away with it. Any act that is committed with the intention of committing fraud against an insurance company needs to be taken seriously and sorted out before it gets out of hand. Here at SoCal PI, we will do everything in our power to ensure that any fraudulent activity is caught and sorted quickly and efficiently.

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With over 30 years of experience, we want the people of Los Angeles and Orange County to be able to rely on us for our expertise. Our company comprises some of the best insurance fraud investigators in the business, so you know that you are getting the best service possible. It’s our goal to ensure that you get all the help you need if you’ve been a victim of insurance fraud. It’s for this reason that we do everything from background checks and information gathering to trial preparation. We can even offer you attorney support services if needed.

Whatever you need, we’re going to be there for you from start to finish! We are the best Los Angeles Private Investigators and Orange County Private Investigators around because we care about the people that we serve.

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