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Background Check Private Investigator

There may come a time in life where you need to hire a private investigator, and So Cal PI can offer an extensive range of thorough background investigations for you.

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But first, what exactly is a background check private investigator, why would you need one, and how can you benefit from our services?

What is a Background Check Private Investigator?

A background check private investigator is someone that checks public and private records on a company or individual at your request also called a civil background checks. They are extremely experienced in the field and can pull information such as past criminal records, civil litigation records, telephone records (which may include location records), financial records, employment records, driving records, property records, and even internet/social networking activities if needs be.

Are there any other background check services you offer?

Absolutely! We also run background checks for defense attorneys, prosecutors, nationwide, statewide and county criminal background checks. We also conduct criminal court searches, asset checks, and even complete criminal record checks. These are typically used when running a background check on new employees, especially those going into the healthcare industry where personal information and trust must not be divulged. We also offer an extensive range of litigation background checks, such as civil and criminal litigation. If you suspect that assets have been hidden from you, we also offer asset checks.

Why would I need a Background Check Private Investigator?

There are many reasons you may consider hiring a background check private investigator, but to name a few, here are some examples:

Doing a background check on a person or company

Background Check Private Investigator ServiceYou may find yourself wanting to know more about a person or a company you’re going to be dealing with. For example, if you were to hire a nanny to look after your children, you’d hire a private investigator to conduct a background investigation to ensure your children are going to be safe with this person.

Alternatively, if you’re a business owner and you’re considering partnering with someone else, you can hire us to conduct a background check to protect yourself and your business.

Locating someone

In the event of a loved one or employee going missing, you can use a private investigator to locate someone that’s gone missing. In these instances, complete background checks done by our private investigators will look at areas such as:

  • Telephone records, which will also allow us to track location
  • Financial records, which would mean tracking use of their debit or credit cards to pinpoint a location
  • Employment records. If they were to get a job or recently quit a job, we could find their last known location
  • Driving records can also be checked to help find where they are
  • Property records. If they were to purchase or rent a property, we could track them.
  • Internet/social networking activities

Elder financial abuse

Misappropriation of financial resources or abusive use of financial control is another instance where we could conduct a background check. This is often abuse from family members, including children, grandchildren, spouses, housekeepers and/or girlfriends. If you feel an elderly family member, or even you are a victim of elder financial abuse, we can help find the evidence for fighting your case. In previous cases, we have interviewed family members, reviewed legal, financial records, consulted with handwriting experts and conducted background checks on the suspected individual. Upon conclusion of documents review we have prepared a summary of the case, witness interviews, and analysis of financial documents and presented our findings to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for prosecution.

Child Custody

We undertake complete background investigations on unfit parents or caregivers to ensure children are placed into the correct custody. If the subject has a criminal record relevant to caregiving, regardless of whether they are the caregiver or reside with the caregiver, we can set up surveillance to prove the subject in question is spending time around the child, which can help obtain a protective order.

Civil background checks

These types of lawsuits are a matter between two parties. It can be anything concerning wrongdoing, like a dog bite, a car accident, or money loaned from one party to another. Civil lawsuits can be something that benefits from having background checks done to help source evidence for any claim against the other party. As with any criminal and insurance defense cases, we can help to consult with the client and the client’s attorney regarding what investigatory measures need to be in place.

What happens after a background investigation?

Background Check Private Investigator ServicesOur services don’t just stop at comprehensive background checks in many areas. So Cal PI understands that taking the next steps in your case may be very daunting, but we can help! We will give you all of the data and evidence that we’ve collected and help you prepare yourself for what comes next. We also offer:

Litigation support

We organize the case by obtaining and indexing all discovery received from the client or the client’s attorney. We then review the discovery and prepare a case summary, a timeline, a witness list, investigation recommendations and/or any other documents desired by the client or the client’s attorney.

Trial preparation

We have extensive experience in trial preparation, including indexing and preparing exhibits or other trial materials, locating, subpoenaing and coordinating witnesses, as well as performing any other case-specific work required by the client or the client’s attorney.

Putting your trust in us is something we take seriously, and we can provide everything you need in order to strengthen any case you’re working on, whether it be a civil or criminal one. We offer multi-sourced criminal records compiled into one report. We work hard to gain our customer’s satisfaction and to ensure that you are fully satisfied with what we provide in terms of our services. You’re not alone, and our team of highly experienced background check private investigators will endeavor to help you solve your case. We’ve had many previous clients who have sung our praises regarding the professionalism and effort we put into every one of our clients. If you’re someone who needs any type of background checks, including criminal ones, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. With our knowledge of law and investigation, you’re putting your trust in the right hands.